Public launch of Multilingual Capital

The format of this evening event followed popular programmes such as Question Time, with short talks followed by a panel discussion of questions submitted in advance by members of the audience.

The discussion panel included:

  • Beverley Costa, CEO of Mothertongue, a multiethnic and multilingual counselling service
  • Naomi Nagy, Lead investigator of the Heritage Language Variation and Change project, Toronto, Canada (York University, Canada
  • Itesh Sachdev, Director of the Centre for Languages of the Wider World and specialist in language attitudes and minority language vitality (SOAS)
  • Esther de Leeuw, specialist in bilingualism in immigrant communities (Queen Mary University of London)
  • Devyani Sharma, specialist in language variation and change in bilingual London communities (Queen Mary University of London)

The event was attended by over 75 people from a wide range of backgrounds, including students, researchers, interpreters, professionals with a personal or professional interest in multilingualism, educators, teachers, parents, and asylum and refugee workers.

Below is a playlist of video clips and PowerPoint presentations for several of the short talks as well as for the Q&A discussion.